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Sunday, February 19, 2012

We moved!

A big BIG dream has been attained for hubby and me..we bought a farm!!

The place was a total wreck!  It's been abandoned, vandalized, sheltered squatters and wanderers and now its ours all ours!   We are excited to be farming on a large scale and will be selling specialty melons (bitter melon, fuzzy melon and this thing I call loofah melon)  to asian markets and restaurants. We have Nigerian Dwarf goats mowing the lawn for us and soon giving milk to make my goat's milk soap.

As if the big move and the melon farming wasn't enough, we have gotten into aquaponics.  Aqua-whaa?  Aquaponics!  Its a method of organically growing fish and food in a natural ecosystem where they help each other.  The fish poop, the poop is pumped with water to the plants, the runoff then goes back to the fish as filtered water adding oxygen to the water!   Its a beautiful thing really.  Its rapidly changing the face of agriculture today.  With all the backlash of GMOs and no one feeling confident in the produce for sale at the regular super market, farmers markets are rapidly increasing in size and number in metropolitan cities all over the US.  Of course that's something you probably already knew.  But what you didn't know is we are opening up our very own farmers market right here on the farm!   Yep, see how its grown, feed the chickens that lay the eggs you buy and pet the goats for free when you visit us!

As well as being excited about our new adventure we need to give the place an official name.  Suggestions are always welcome!

We got off track keeping the blog updated but we will be sharing our trials in farming and aquaponics here on a regular basis.  For now, we have to get to work building greenhouses !