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Monday, October 31, 2011

How EGGciting!

We got our first Serama egg today!  I only have one trio of Seramas, but my oh my are they beauties!  (don't all parents say that?)  Cowboy, a barred/splash rooster and his cinnamon wife gave me the first of, hopefully, many more tiny grape sized eggs.  The silkied is still too young to lay, but she has beautiful color.  I plan on purchasing eggs from a few very reputable breeders, and some more mature birds from a local breeder I know.  I am stoked about starting some color projects!  

DH has decided to make an incubator from a free refrigerator we got from Craigslist (oh, Craigslist.  I will post an entire entry about Craigslist on another day).  So far he is only gutting it and pondering his next move.  I'm proud of him in his new found ability to admit he has no idea what he is doing.  There is enough info out there on the internet and he has enough know how I think he will do great!  Just to be safe, my eggs still go in my little styrofoam trusty dusty bator.

 Today is also supposed to be the final day for our meat birds.  DH keeps making excuses why he can't do it, supplies, plucker, scalder etc..we'll see how this goes.  He goes hunting and can manage skinning bambi and thumper he can certainly take care of a franken-chicken right?  More to come on this topic...

In the news of the kids: they have finally reached an age that they can actually help out around the house and with the animals.  I am very well aware I could get it done in less than half the time if I did it myself, but who would benefit from them plopping in front of the TV while I sweat it out in the coop?  (Oh yes, it is Halloween today and we are sweating, its hot, its Texas, get over it.)  When our oldest was about 1 we decided we liked the idea of homeschooling our children (my cousin was the inspiration, thanks B!) The more I read, research and live the homeschooling, homesteading life, the more I fall in love with it every day!  The ages they are now, we don't dig into textbooks or workbooks but they are learning at such an incredible rate, it astounds me!  

I am kind of jumping all around here today,still trying to get things organized.  Thanks for reading! Have a great day

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