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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

True stories..

True stories are my favorite.  They are always easy to retell!

We went to the "outside park" as my children have lovingly named the park at the elementary school down the street. (The "inside park" is a whole other thing).  We took Deuce the Border Collie there who, amazingly, doesn't seem to see any other person or dog there other than that who is yielding the ball and the ball throwing apparatus.

So there we are, kids romping, DH throwing and dog fetching.   Two little boys witnessed all of this and within earshot of my girls Ava (the big one) and Alyssa (little stister as she is lovingly known)  this all unfolded in front of me:

Boy #1: Whoa!!
Boy #2: That is a really good trained dog ( his own language, referring to the actual dog of course)
Ava: No, that's just my sister Alyssa

With love,

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